Over 80 local properties included in December Tax Foreclosure Auction

Grays Harbor County has scheduled a sale of properties that have fallen under tax foreclosure.

Over 80 Grays Harbor properties are set to be included in an upcoming Tax Foreclosure Auction.

The auction is set to take place on Monday, December 4, 2023.

The auction will be held online only through Bid4Assets.com

Only bids submitted over the Internet will be accepted. 

Grays Harbor County will not be registering bidders, accepting deposits, or accepting bids and all questions regarding registration will be directed to bid4assets.com.

The County Treasurer begins foreclosure action on properties when their real property taxes become three full (3) years delinquent. 

The current owner of the parcels, or other parties with a recorded legal interest, have the ability to redeem the property up to 4:30 p.m. (closing) on the day before the sale.

Included among the properties listed by the county are numerous pieces of land and homes, including a unique home in Ocean City built using former locomotive cars placed on real train tracks and a coffee stand in Elma.

Grays Harbor County tax foreclosure sales are listed as “Buyer Beware”, with the parcels offered on an “as is” & “where is” basis. 

The County states that they make no representation as to the condition of title to any property, nor the physical condition of any property. 

Anyone considering purchasing a property at a tax foreclosure sale is warned to be aware of the risks and investigate the property carefully prior to the auction date. Private property may not be entered without permission of the current property owner or resident.

“These parcels are privately owned until the conclusion of the auction. Any site inspection of the parcels should be done with the authorization of the current parcel owner. Anyone inspecting these parcels from anywhere other than the public right-of-way does so without the authorization of Grays Harbor County and is considered to be trespassing.”

Tax Judgment Deeds issued on parcels acquired in foreclosure sales do not warrant a clear title. It is strongly recommended by officials that the buyer view the property and make additional inquiries about concerns or questions that may arise.

Anyone who has their property sold at a tax foreclosure auction may be entitled to proceeds over the amount needed to cover delinquent taxes and foreclosure costs. 

The list of properties leading up to the sale may change, with a current listing of scheduled properties available at the county website

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