Option added to reduce time Ocosta students/staff must quarantine after exposure at school

Ocosta Junior/Senior High School students and staff will have the option to return to in-person learning following a COVID-1975 outbreak at the school, if they test negative.

The School District announced that they have begun a Test to Stay Protocol for Ocosta students following rising cases of COVID in the school and the county.

Staff and students are both eligible for the Test to Stay protocol if they were a close contact with a known COVID-19 case that occurred at school, on a bus, or at a school-sponsored activity.  

This protocol is not available for students that are exposed while outside of school and does not apply to classrooms that are closed.

Under the new program, individuals will test with a PCR test on the 5th day after the known exposure.  Day 1 is the day after the known school exposure.

After the results of the PCR test have been received by the district, the individual will then have a second PCR test and a rapid test. 

When the second PCR test results are received by the district AND the test is negative, the individual will come to the school the day of the results for a rapid test, and every other day thereafter. 

Students may return to school after the first rapid test results are negative.

Parents will be required to bring their children to school for all testing. 

Online Registration for the PCR tests must be completed prior to the appointment.

Appointments will be made by calling 360-268-9125 ext. 1002.  Appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 8:00-1:30 and Friday from 8:00-11:00. 

Parents/guardians will be emailed a link to register your child for the PCR test.  They will need to register your child for both PCR tests and can use the same link.

The district noted that if they do note have sufficient supplies for testing, the district will suspend the Test to Stay protocol until sufficient supplies are on hand.

If there is a positive case in the home after the initial school exposure, Test to Stay is not an option for students and other quarantine rules apply.