Opponents to Gateway Center design ask for more options

The Aberdeen City Council has heard opposition from some local residents to the design propositions for the Gateway Center Project.

On Wednesday night, Douglas Orr, one of 3 local residents who recently launched a Change.org petition asking the city to consider including the façade of the former Selmer’s annex building into the design.

Orr spoke during public comment at the Wednesday City Council meeting saying that he believes that the city should look to preserve the history of the town instead of simply building something new on the site.



The City of Aberdeen and Greater Grays Harbor, Inc have held 2 “design charrette” meetings with Coates Design Architects to ask for comments from the public. This is in addition to a series of public meetings in the past year with discussion on the project and an opportunity for public input.

This week, Orr, along with 2 other signers, launched the petition. As of the Wednesday night meeting, the online campaign had generated over 100 signatures.

Recent design meetings saw approximately 50 people at the event to give input on what type of project and what elements where wanted by residents. Mayor Erik Larson and Coates told KXRO that an online survey for residents not able to attend also received “over 160” comments.

City Ciuncil President Pete Schave says that original estimates showed that using the Selmers building as a base for the project would add over $1 million to the total cost.


The online petition asks that an official design bid be put into place to confirm this and that at least the option to save the building be included in designs.

The final design recommendations for the project will be presented to the public at the Rotary Log Pavilion on January 19 at 5:30 pm.





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