Operation Toothbrush provides seniors in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties with free dental health kits

Aberdeen, WA – Delta Dental of Washington and its Arcora Foundation are partnering with school districts, senior service organizations, and community-based nonprofits statewide for Operation Toothbrush, an initiative to provide necessary dental health supplies to communities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties, 500 dental health kits, containing a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, and dental floss are being distributed through Coastal Community Action Program as part of its Meals on Wheels program. 

Also included are reminders about how to maintain good oral health at home, as well as information about DentistLink, a free referral service to connect people with urgent dental care, if their dentist isn’t accessible. 

Delta Dental of Washington President and CEO Mark Mitchke said “We’re all seeing the widespread impacts of this pandemic, and are grateful to the critical work of Coastal Community Action Program. It’s important that people are able to maintain their oral health routines during this period of staying home. We’re very appreciative for help distributing the dental health kits to those in the community who need them most.”

Last month the Arcora Foundation provided Coastal Community Action Program with a $6,250 grant to help with food security and to support meal delivery and other essential services in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties.