Olympic Stadium set to be a more natural shade of cedar; exact colors undecided

The decision on a color for Olympic Stadium is still up for debate.

After back-and-forth discussions at a workshop and during the Hoquiam City Council meeting, multiple suggestions were given as to what the look of the historic wood stadium should be. 

This included installing cedar shingles and allowing them to gray naturally or using the original colors of the stadium.

On Monday, the City of Hoquiam held a workshop to talk about what color, or colors, should adorn the outside of the city structure.

No matter what colors were chosen, Historic Preservation Commission member John Larson warned against using any kind of paint on the cedar siding, and instead to only use stains on the wood.

During the city council meeting, Councilmember John Pelligrini moved to reconsider staining the wood, as one of those who voted for the natural color at the last meeting, bringing the topic back to the floor. 

After a discussion , the council voted to take action themselves and move forward with choosing the wood stain based on samples of various styles.

Two samples of possible stains for the siding are expected to be brought to the next City Council meeting on the 27th.

One would be more of a natural cedar color, with the other option an aged version of cedar that appears more gray.