Toxic algae concerns have been lifted in Ocean Shores.

Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Director Jeff Nelson, RS announced that the advisory for Duck Lake and Grand Canal in Ocean Shores was lifted this week.

According to Nelson, the advisory was lifted after the latest test results indicated that the water is no longer a public health concern for people or pets.

The advisory was issued in September after previous results confirmed toxin in samples collected from both locations that indicated signs of Algal blooms.

A health advisory for all bodies of freshwater in and around the City of Ocean Shores was issued in response. 

In a release at the time, Nelson indicated that toxic algae need light, the right temperature, and nutrients to form. 

“The drier than normal summer likely helped facilitate growth but the return of the wet season should help dissipate the blooms.”

Nelson adds that toxic algae tend to be less active during cold weather months, but it is still possible to have blooms. 

“If you see algae, do not swim, wade or fish. Keep in mind as wind directions change, algae could move elsewhere in the lake. When in doubt, stay out!”

Links to partner agencies and Information on algae blooms including current surface water health advisories can be found at or by contacting the Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division at (360) 249-4222