Ocean Beach School District proposition only item on any local ballots

It is Election Day, although the vast majority of local residents will not be seeing a ballot.

Only a single measure is included anywhere within Grays Harbor and Pacific County for the April Special Election.

Some voters on the Long Beach Peninsula in the Ocean Beach School District have the opportunity to vote on a proposition to renovate and construct school facilities in their district.

According to ballot language, the proposition would authorize the District to renovate Ilwaco High School; construct athletic fields, track and stadium; construct a transportation facility; construct an elementary school to replace and consolidate existing elementary schools; construct a building for the alternative program, special education and other programs; construct a field house.

A yes vote would authorize “no more than $96,150,000 of general obligation bonds” and levy property taxes to repay the bonds.

Ballots are due by 8pm this evening in an election drop box or postmarked by today.

According to the Ocean Beach School District:

What will the Bond Pay for?

Ocean Beach School District has an important bond measure on the April 26, 2022 ballot. The bond will combine facilities, and in the process, maximize educational efficiency.

Projects addressed in the bond are focused on student/teacher safety and maximizing operational efficiency. If approved, the bond will fund school facility capital projects, including:

    • Remodel and renovate Ilwaco High School with seismic, safety, and functional improvements,
    • Replace the aging, difficult to maintain and overall defective athletic fields, track and stadium
    • Relocate the aging and deteriorating transportation facility, including space for technology and maintenance services,
    • Construct a new building to house the alternative school program, special education and other programs. This would allow for consolidation and efficient resource sharing.
    • Construct a field house close to the new elementary school which would house indoor P.E. and recess space as well an athletic facility for the high school.
    • Construct a new elementary school, which would replace and consolidate the existing elementary schools, creating operational cost savings and educational efficiencies for the district. This would allow for staff and resource sharing across all of the schools in one consolidated location. The new school would be located in a safer location, outside of the tsunami inundation zone.

Take a moment to “tour” the issues at Ilwaco High School.

Take a moment to see the issues at the bus barn, tech building, and maintenance shop.

How Much will this Cost?

The proposed bond plan is based on community input to strategically address facilities needs and  maximize district efficiencies while keeping tax rates as low as possible. 

    • The district estimates the tax increase at approximately $0.86 increase per $1,000 of assessed value. The proposed bond would span 25 years.
    • The proposed $96.15 million bond updates old facilities with safety issues and creates efficiencies within the district. If passed, the bond would increase the current tax rate only $0.86 to an estimated $1.67 per $1,000 of assessed value.   

If passed, the bond would increase the current facility-related tax rate only $0.86 to an estimated $1.67 per $1,000 of assessed value. More importantly, the overall school-related property taxes would be only $3.06 in 2025, they same rate as 2020 and significantly lower than 2017.