North Beach Paws reaches 33% of their $2.5 million fundraising goal for new dog shelter

North Beach PAWS, the all-volunteer, no-kill animal shelter outside Ocean Shores, announced that they have reached 33%, more than $825,000, of their funding goal to build a new, modern dog shelter. 

North Beach PAWS officially launched the fundraising campaign in May 2023 to address the need in the community for increased shelter services for dogs and puppies. 

The fundraising campaign looks to raise $2.5 million to fund the construction of the new facility, which will be located on the current campus, through grants, corporate giving, and small business and private donations.

North Beach PAWS says that their current facility, a converted dog grooming center never intended to be a shelter, including just eight outdated kennels features inadequate conditions for the dogs and volunteers. 

They say that they kennels are not secure for smaller dogs, which need to be housed in crates or carriers, often in common areas. There is poor heating and ventilation, and no space for wellness exams or sick animals. Intake, adoption, and the office are a shared space, and the work areas and storage are limited. 

 “We are thankful and grateful for the donations we’ve received to date from the community, including businesses and private citizens, but we still have a ways to go,” said North Beach PAWS Vice President and Dog Shelter Project Director Carol Jamroz. “With improving economic indicators, we’re confident that we’ll reach our goal in due time, and we can’t wait to fully fund the project and break ground when that time comes. The dogs and puppies, along with the community and our volunteers, truly deserve a better place.”

 According to the nonprofit, the highlight of the fundraising campaign in 2023 came from the late David Minkler, who upon his passing bequeathed his entire estate, worth more than $125,000, to North Beach PAWS. 

 The new, planned state-of-the-art 3,700-square-foot shelter with 20 kennels would provide housing relief for dogs and help alleviate community need and demand, according to the nonproft. The new shelter will incorporate the latest kennel technology in stress and noise abatement, a separate intake and isolation area for animal health, a large play yard for exercise and fresh air, and inviting adoption rooms for that all important meet and greet day. 

Information on the fundraising campaign, the sponsorship and donor levels and recognition, and how to donate can be found at