No changes in primary election results following 2nd ballot count

The 2nd ballot count for Grays Harbor saw few changes.

Aberdeen City Councilman Frank Gordon still leads the Grays Harbor County Commissioner Position 2 by 17 votes over Allan Shores. Each candidate holds approximately 29% of the vote followed by Westport Mayor Michael Bruce with 23%. Incumbent Mike Wilson has only 19.82% of the vote trailing 400 votes behind Gordon.

Wes Cormier increased his lead over incumbent Terry Willis by almost 150 votes with 52.5% of the vote. Since there are no other challengers, both will already move onto the November election.

Arie Callaghan and Chris Thomas are still the top 2 candidates in the Grays Harbor PUD Commissioner race. Jeff Nichols trails in that race to replace retiring Commissioner Tom Casey.

The property tax levy for Fire District 5 is still failing with almost a 58% No vote.

15,143 votes have been counted, showing a 40.7% turnout.

The next scheduled ballot count will be Tuesday at 5pm.

The results are scheduled to be certified on August 21st.

For complete results visit the Grays Harbor election results website.



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