New website for Pacific County COVID-19 resources

The Pacific County Department of Health and Human Services has launched a website in conjunction with the Pacific County Emergency Operations Center to assist the public. 

In a release they say that the website contains helpful links on the homepage for access to housing assistance, food resources, childcare and parenting resources, resources for teens and senior citizens along with resources for veterans. 

The website also features an updated list of commonly frequented businesses that are still open or closed. 

The release states that “ Another great aspect of the website is its ability to post local information by neighbors wanting to assist other neighbors.”

Information regarding financial and unemployment assistance is also available on the website. 

This informative website can be located at

If you have further information regarding a resource that could be added to the website and utilized to benefit our community please email Carole Chase at [email protected].

For more information, please contact the Direct Response line at (360) 875-9407 / (360) 642-9407 or [email protected]