New hospital name down to 3 options; What do you think about them?

The effort to put all Grays Harbor Public Hospital District #2 locations under a single name is moving closer.

Currently, Grays Harbor Community Hospital operates under the hospital banner, Harbor Medical Group, and over 20 separate offsite offices and service sites. Between these, there are more than 11 different logos for the organization.

The argument for a rebrand has been that unifying under a single name and logo would not only ensure that residents and anyone in the area knows that all the facilities operate under the same banner, but also to update the current branding for today’s needs.

Officials have stated that using the word “Community” in the name insinuates that the facility is located away from a major city, and has fewer resources than a larger group. This argument states that a Doctor or employee looking at a local job may be less inclined to move to the area because of the appearance of limited opportunities.

A committee consisting of staff, doctors, patients, and community members have met over the past months to bring 3 options forward.

Currently, the choices are between;

  • Harbor Regional Health

  • Harbor Health System

  • Gateway Health System

At the meeting on Tuesday, the hospital stated that branding is important.

“Branding promotes recognition and is the way in which your customer perceives your organization”.

They say that the different names have “upset the CULTURE of the organization as not everyone realizes they work for the same team.”

Locally, St. Joseph’s Hospital started in 1890, and Grays Harbor Community Hospital began in 1945, before the facilities combined. A handout from the meetings states that rebranding is not in an attempt to deny the community their history. They say that it is a way to “generate more referrals, recruit more physicians and make the people in our hospital feel more connected to their jobs and our mission.

At their meeting on Tuesday, the hospital Commissioners intended to move the current list of 3 proposed names down to 2.

The vote to narrow down the choices was moved to a November 14 Special Meeting.




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