New “express route” connects transit route between Aberdeen and Pacific County

Pacific Transit recently launched an Aberdeen Express Route.

According to announcements from both Pacific and Grays Harbor transit authorities, the route is now operating twice a day, Monday through Saturday.

The Aberdeen route is in addition to the Ilwaco Express Route, connecting Aberdeen to south Pacific County.

The new route, which officially began operating as of last week, arrives at the Aberdeen Transit Center at 10am and 3:30pm, before heading back south just ten minutes later.

Image from Pacific Transit

This is an express route, and has limited stops, with no flag stops for the trip, and you can only board the bus at designated stops.

The fare is $2.50 no matter where you board the bus.

GH Transit notes that the Aberdeen Express does not service GH College, while Pacific Transit notes it does not go through Astoria as part of the trip. Passengers needing specific stops would need to transfer routes.