Nesmith selected to be new Elma Superintendent

The Elma School District have selected a new Superintendent, and they have local ties.

The district tells KXRO that Chris Nesmith was selected to replace retiring Superintendent, Kevin Acuff.  

Nesmith is the current Executive Director of Innovation at the West Valley School District in Yakima, although he comes from Grays Harbor as a former student at North Beach High School.

According to the school district, Nesmith brings a career of vision casting that has resulted in countless state and nationally recognized student-centered initiatives and programs. 

“Chris has an enthusiastic passion and relentless drive to improve the quality of students’ success, not only during their K-12 experience, but for life! During his interview process, Mr. Nesmith shared his conviction that the true success of education is not measured with a high school diploma but by what each student goes on to do and become after graduation. He believes successful schools graduate students who thrive as adults and this starts with a solid educational beginning from the transition into kindergarten all the way through completion of high school graduation.”

 Mr. Nesmith is married to Kasey, a current middle school science teacher at West Valley School District.

They have two girls, Quinnlan (4 th  grade) and Taylor (7 th  grade).

The district says that the Nesmiths are hopeful to find property and be able to build a home back in Grays Harbor.