Nearly 3% mortality rate for COVID-19 in Grays Harbor

There were no new cases added to the local COVID-19 case count on Thursday, although there was an added death.

As of Thursday afternoon, 222 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been identified within Grays Harbor. 

Among those, this has brought 6 total deaths.

This has increased the local mortality rate of the virus to 2.70%. 

This means that nearly 3% of local people who have been identified as having COVID-19 have died either due to complications of the virus or were symptomatic at or close-to time of death.

When looking at the estimated population of Grays Harbor from the U.S. Census Bureau of 75,061 in 2020, this has created an infection rate of 0.30% for the county.

In Pacific County the mortality rate is at 5% based on their case count, and a 0.27% infection rate based on population.

In their latest update, the Grays Harbor County Public Health & Social Services Department says that there are currently 42 active cases of the virus and 570 total contacts being sought or monitored.

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