More relief funding coming for local businesses

A second round of funding for the Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grant program to be available soon to Grays Harbor Small Businesses.

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. tells KXRO that they have nearly completed the distribution of the local funds from the first round of the Governor’s Working Washington Small Business emergency grant program

This effort is part of a statewide initiative to provide emergency grants to small businesses impacted by COVID-19 and has already saved over 5,500 jobs across the state.

In total, 30 Grays Harbor businesses received a combined $184,299 during the initial funding round, with an average grant award of $6,143.30. Funds can be used to cover costs including rent, utilities, supplies, inventory, and other operating expenses.

Grays Harbor County

Total Grants: $184,299
Total Businesses: 30

Grantees Included:

    • 8 retail establishments
    • 7 restaurants
    • 3 healthcare businesses
    • 3 salons
    • 2 auto repair businesses
    • 1 construction company
    • 1 fitness facility
    • 1 trucking company
    • 1 social service
    • 1 insurance business
    • 1 tree service
    • 1 manufacturing company

Jobs Retained: 90

“All the businesses who received these funds were so grateful and appreciative,” said Candie Gleason, GGHI’s CFO. “It has been a rewarding experience to be able to help local businesses during these trying times.”

Pacific County saw an increased number of businesses receiving funding, and more jobs retained, but less funding overall.

Pacific County

Total Grants: $144,555
Total Businesses: 45

Grantees Included:

    • 11 retail establishments
    • 10 restaurants
    • 7 construction companies
    • 5 hospitality establishments
    • 3 farms
    • 2 healthcare businesses
    • 2 manufacturing companies
    • 1 fitness facility
    • 1 campground
    • 1 landscaping business
    • 1 auto repair business
    • 1 fishing company

Jobs Retained: 132

A map of all statewide recipients is available on the Department of Commerce website.

“As we continue to limit interactions in our fight against COVID-19 and plan for safe reopening of our economy, businesses are working hard to adjust to a ‘new normal’ and we need to be there for them,” said Commerce Director Lisa Brown. “These grants are helping our smallest Main Street businesses keep their doors open and paychecks coming to their employees.”

Brown said another round of Working Washington grants is on the way very soon, funded with a portion of the state’s Coronavirus Aid, Recovery and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds being administrated through Commerce and local partners, such as GGHI.

Launched in April, applications for the Working Washington grants exceeded available funding by about 10 fold.

The first grants were funded with $5 million from the Governor’s Working Washington economic development strategic reserve fund and $5 million from the state’s $200 million COVID-19 emergency response package approved by the legislature in March.