Montesano seniors asked to choose in-person or remote school leading to graduation

Montesano seniors could miss out on graduation if they have a COVID-19 exposure, and all families are being asked to decide whether or not to take the risk over the coming week.

In a message sent to seniors and families, the Montesano School District states that staff were concerned that if a senior was exposed to COVID after Sunday and had to quarantine from a close contact at school, that senior would be excluded from graduation on the 13th.  

The district says that they were giving senior parents the option over the next seven school days to keep their student at home for online classes to prevent the potential exposure and quarantine. 

The school says that they still plan on having all the in-person events for seniors and no student who chooses not to come to school in the next few days would be excluded from those events. 

Each family has the option to make the choice of whether or not to send their senior for in-person schooling and no seniors’ grades will be negatively impacted by choosing the remote option.  

Students that are working to improve a grade will be given every opportunity to do so.  

“Making sure our seniors get to participate in all senior activities is a priority for us and with how this year has gone, we feel this is the best option to make that happen.  Thank you for all of your patience, flexibility and understanding as we have navigated this strange year.”

The district adds that there is no need to alert them of which option they choose, but once that decision is made, it needs to be final.