Montesano passes resolution on access to city forest

Montesano, WA – At last night’s Montesano Council meeting, a resolution pertaining to the public use of the Montesano forest was passed.

The resolution implements recommendations from City Forester Loren Hiner for access terms, rules, and regulations to public access on City forest property.

Both this resolution as well as an upcoming ordinance is being brought for the council’s decision due to vandalism and damage that could interrupt the revenue flows of the City’s working forest as well as protecting the City’s forest for recreational uses such as running, hiking, and mountain biking.

The resolution states that the City Forester will provide access permits and copies of the access terms, rules, and regulations to the public as requested.

Council member Clint Bryson answered the public’s concerns on hunting in the location after the resolution and the ordinance.

The ordinance on the matter was moved to the next council meeting which will be held on November 12th.