Missing mariner found alive in life raft; second fisherman remains missing

13 days after being reported missing and 2 days after the U.S. Coast Guard called off a search, one of the two men from a missing local fishing boat was found alive.

The USCG says that one of the mariners aboard the 43-foot fishing vessel “Evening” was found alive on Thursday in a life raft by good Samaritans.

The Evening left Grays Harbor on October 12. They were scheduled to return to the area on October 15, but were reported missing with the two mariners on board.

Search efforts were conducted on over 14,000 square miles of water before the search was called off this week.

The life raft was located approximately 70 miles NW of Cape Flattery, and over 150 miles from the mouth of Grays Harbor.

According to multiple reports, the man told his rescuers that he was able to survive while on the raft by eating salmon.

According to the USCG, the man was transported to shore and was reported to be in stable condition.

The second fisherman who was aboard remains missing, according to the Coast Guard.