Missed Votes Report from legislative session shows local lawmaker records; majority missed 0 or 1 vote all session

Following the end of the 2022 Legislative Session, a report on how many missed votes each legislator had has been released.

Washington Policy Center issued the release showing the annual Missed Votes Report from their WashingtonVotes.org resource, compiling each of the votes by state lawmakers on roll calls during the session. 

According to the release, over 1,000 bills were introduced during the session, with 303 passed by the legislature, and 915 total roll calls recorded. 

The report by Washington Votes shows that 87 legislators had no missed votes, and 13 had 20 or more through the session.

Among the local legislators, 24th District Senator Kevin Van De Wege saw the greatest number of missed votes with 23 during the session. The only other legislators that missed votes were Representative Steve Tharinger, also of the 24th, with one missed vote and 19th District Senator Jeff Wilson with one missed vote.

Representatives Chapman, Walsh, and McEntire did not have any recorded missed roll call votes, according to the data.

24th Legislative District Missed Votes Total Roll Calls
Sen. Kevin Van De Wege (Sequim) (D) 23 474
Rep. Mike Chapman (Port Angeles) (D) 0
Rep. Steve Tharinger (Sequim) (D) 1 441
19th Legislative District
Sen. Jeff Wilson (Longview) (R) 1 474
Rep. Jim Walsh (Aberdeen) (R) 0 441
Rep. Joel McEntire (Cathlamet) (R) 0 441

The PDF version of the full 2022 WashingtonVotes Missed Votes Page is available here

2022 Regular Session Quick Facts

  • Bills introduced: 1,051
  • Bills passed by the Legislature: 303
  • Recorded Roll Calls on passage of bills: 915 (441 in the House; 474 in the Sen-ate)
  • Legislators with no missed votes: 87 (60 House Members; 27 Senators)
  • Legislators with 20 or more missed votes: 13 (8 House Members; 5 Senators)


WashingtonVotes.org has provided access to objective descriptions of bills, amendments, and votes of the Washington State Legislature since 2002, and reports are availabel for every session back to that date.


This year’s scheduled 60-day session ended on Thursday, March 10, 2022.


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