Misprint in voters pamphlet for Westport Mayor race; new pamphlets being sent out

Voters in Westport got a surprise along with their ballots this week, as a misprint occurred in the voters pamphlet.

KXRO was informed of the error by a Westport resident, and we relayed that concern to Grays Harbor County Auditor Joesph MacLean who said he was surprised by the error.

Following his staff looking into the issue, MacLean told KXRO that despite the online version reading correctly, the printed pamphlet incorrectly showed a statement by Westport mayoral candidate Edward Welter was printed twice and incorrectly placed where the statement from mayoral candidate Greg Barnes statement should have been.

Photo provided to KXRO by resident

MacLean said that the misprint was not noticed until brought to their attention, despite review.

“I have no excuse for this error, nor am I going to make one up.”

MacLean says that registered voters within Westport will be receiving a corrected version featuring the actual statement provided by Barnes.

“It is with my deepest apologies and regret that this error occurred during the creation process of the local voter’s pamphlet.”

In an unrelated and isolated incident, one precinct in Aberdeen had to have ballots sent out to them again due to a race being left off. The Auditor told KXRO that the error was noticed by staff ahead of the full mailing and replacement ballots were sent out to those limited residents with the corrected version.