Miller Junior High outdoor space project moving forward

Work is underway at Miller Junior High on a new outdoor area.

The Aberdeen School District provided an update on the work being done next to Miller Junior High School to create an outdoor area for students.

In February, the Aberdeen School Year awarded the contract for the new, dry outdoor area at Miller to Rognlin’s Inc. 

Crews began work on the site, and when complete, the district says that an “event tent” will be erected, giving students the opportunity for fresh air on rainy days.

In the update from the district, it says that Superintendent Alicia Henderson first proposed the idea to the School Board last fall when students returned to school under a mask-required environment. 

“The desire was to give students a space outside where they could have a “mask break.”

Despite students no longer required to wear masks, the district says that this area will be used in a number of ways, including during P.E.