“MG Bargewell Memorial Delta Park” & “The Old Cannery Park” coming to Hoquiam

Two parks in Hoquiam have new names.

At their meeting on Monday. the Hoquiam City Council heard reports from the Historic Preservation Commission regarding the proposed naming of a triangle park at Emerson and N streets as well as the new waterfront park located on 5th and Adams streets.

In their report, the commission recommended that the triangle park be officially named “MG Bargewell Memorial Delta Park” in honor of Major General Eldon Bargewell, a 1965 Hoquiam High School graduate and decorated Army veteran. 

Photo from eldonbargewell.org


For the new waterfront park, the commission considered a number of proposed names from the public. Mayor Ben Winkelman said that was impressed by the variety of names. The council approved the commission’s recommendation of “The Old Cannery Park” as the new facility was the site of Haines Crown Packers Fish cannery. It was noted that the pilings remaining in the water are from the cannery and boat marina for the fishing fleet. 

Photo from Hoquiam Police Department


Suggested names for the waterfront park were;

  • Haines Crown Packers Fish Cannery at Hoquiam Fish Base
  • Cannery Park
  • The Old Cannery Waterfront Park
  • Hungry for Wood Park
  • Northern Pacific Park
  • North Channel Park
  • Driftwood Park
  • Driftwood Bay Park
  • Driftwood Rock Park
  • Driftwood Shore Park
  • Dave DuPont Park
  • Bay Breeze Park
  • King Shay Park
  • Isabelle Lamb Park
  • Tony Cemelich Bay Park
  • Tony Cemelich Park

The two recommended names passed unanimously.