Medical or religious exemption might not be enough for DOC workers to keep their job

Department of Corrections – A medical or religious exemption might not be enough for a Department of Corrections worker to keep their job if they are un-vaccinated.

KXRO obtained a notification that was sent to Department of Corrections employees from DOC Human Resources Director Todd Dowler that states that if an exemption is approved there must also be reasonable accommodation available.

The communication was sent out “to provide clarity around the process for medical and religious exemptions under the governor’s COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement.”

The notification states that “If an exemption is approved, the employee will continue the interactive process with Human Resources to determine if a reasonable accommodation exists that allows them to perform the essential functions of their job AND meet the agency’s business requirements for workplace safety.”

It goes on to say that “the agency may not be able to accommodate each request to provide a safe environment for all DOC employees and the people in our care and custody. Following the interactive process, the employee will be notified what accommodations, if any, are available to permit them to continue in their position absent vaccination.”

Even if the employee received a medical or religious exemption the communication states that “If an accommodation does not exist, the employee must be fully vaccinated with one of the authorized COVID-19 vaccines no later than October 18 to continue with their employment.”