The McCleary library has expanded access for readers.

In a release, Timberland Regional Library says that residents can now visit the McCleary Timberland Library 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A pilot program is being done at the McCleary location for Expanded Access, extending  the hours the library is accessible to 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

This change will grow their hours from 4 days/27 hours a week to 7 days/91 hours per week.

The expanded days and hours are self-service, and recently began at the library. Expanded Access in McCleary is being tested and evaluated to determine if it should be introduced at other Timberland libraries in the future.

Bibliotheca is the company providing this service to rural and urban libraries worldwide. They described Expanded Access as a service that “attracts new users, increases the use of library spaces and equipment, such as computers and printers, and elevates the number of library items checked out”.  

Karen Keinenberger, McCleary Timberland Library Manager described Expanded Access as “a convenient way for more people in our community to use the library when it works for their schedule.”

Patrons wanting to enable Expanded Access must contact their local Timberland library to register. To opt-in for this service patrons must be 18 or older. Patrons may also stop by the information desk at the McCleary library during staffed hours for assistance.

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McCleary Timberland Library – Kyle Veldhuizen

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