Mayor/Council race results

Grays Harbor


Melvin Taylor holds an advantage over Kimberly Strom. Strom trails 37.75% to 61.45% over the incumbent.

Incumbent Liz Ellis is leading over challenger Norman Klein in initial results, 54.34% to 45.02% respectively.

Marissa Aube has a 51.38% majority over Antara Croft in the race of newcomers to Aberdeen City Council.

Alan Richrod trails Debi Ann Pieraccini as of Tuesday, with 70.83% of voters favoring Pieraccini.

Frank Gordon seems to be losing his council seat, trailing challenger David Lawrence who has 59.02% approval.


In Cosmopolis, incumbent Debra Moran trails Cody Bridges as bridges has 57.52% of the vote.

Also in Cosmopolis, incumbent Miles Wenzel has a three vote (131-128) lead over challenger Jonathan Bennett. Wenzel has 50.58% to Bennett with 49.42%.


Challenged Hoquiam races see incumbent Jim George leading Dennis Carpenter with 63.64%.

Current councilmember Greg Grun leads challenger Jamie Brand, 49.7% to 48.52%, a difference of just two votes.


Elma councilmember Pat Miller leads Tim Hedgpeth on Tuesday, holding a 79.53% majority.


The City of McCleary appears to be getting a new Mayor after initial results show Chris Miller holding 63.23% approval over current Mayor Brenda Orffer.

Miller’s seat on the council looks to be going to Andrea Dahl after results show her holding a lead over Gary Atkins, 73.43% to 26.2%.

The race for Position 5 on the McCleary council has incumbent Joy Iverson leading Jacob Simmons, 72.5% to 26.79%.


In Montesano, council newcomer Rollin Caryl is showing a 56.94% lead over Valerie Jester.

Councilmember Ian Cope is trailing after the first count as challenger Holly Shuck has 51.55% of the vote.

Councilmember Tyler Trimble holds a lead of 52.6% over Brooke Chapman-Hoiness.


Bill Breedlove trails on election night, with Anthony Smith leading the race to be the new Oakville Mayor. Smith showed 59.49% on the first ballot count.

Breedlove currently serves on the City Council in an uncontested race this year, and will remain on the council if he does not earn the Mayor seat.

Ocean Shores

Eric Noble may be changing council seats in 2022, as he leads fellow councilmember Susan Conniry on election night. Noble holds a 55.28% lead over Conniry for Position 1. Noble currently sits in Position 7.

Lisa Scott, who was appointed to the council in February of 2021, looks to retain her seat as she holds a 56.81% to 42.47% lead over challenger Patrick Daugherty.

Rich Hartman will be joining the council if his 53.88% lead over Patric Hayes remains through election certification.


Councilmember Melissa Huerta leads on election night over challenger Dennis  63.04% to 36.3%.

Troy Meyers leads Brennan Jarnes as of the Tuesday night results, 63.86% to 33.68% respectively. 


Initial results in the November General Election show that 10,220 voters within Grays Harbor have been counted as of Tuesday night, representing a 20.69%% turnout.



Pacific County


Ilwaco Mayor Gary Forner trails challenger Mike Cassinelli as of election night, with Cassinelli leading with 58.56% of the vote.


Councilmember Dee Roberts is leading on election night over challenger Kirk Church. Roberts shows 63.57% approval to replace Mayor Eric Nordin.


Election night results show that 5,369 votes have been counted the General Election in Pacific County,  a 31.44% turnout.



The election will be certified on November 23, 2021.