Local youth “bottle tagging” campaign targets adults who provide alcohol, marijuana to kids

Hoquiam, WA – Hoquiam youth will be “tagging” alcohol products at local businesses to remind adults to “Think Twice” about providing alcohol to anyone younger than 21.

The Hoquiam Grizzly Prevention Squad (GPS) will partner with the My TOWN Coalition and local businesses to place tags on these products as a reminder to help keep youth safe by not providing alcohol or marijuana to underage kids.

“We want to remind and encourage parents/guardians to continue to have conversations about alcohol and other drugs,” said Izzy Chavez, GPS advisor. “We know that parents are the number one influence in youths’ lives. It’s important to start these talks early and often with your child before they are exposed to alcohol and other drugs.”

Most teens get alcohol or marijuana by having someone 21 or older purchase it for them, or getting it from their own homes without permission.

Along with the tags, the Grizzly Prevention Squad will be placing posters at some of the businesses to further discourage the practice.

“Parents, talk to your kids. Reaching out and making your children feel safe is one of the most important factors in drug prevention,” said Amariana Parks, GPS President. “If we work together to make our community members approachable, our teens will feel safer asking questions, rather than jumping into mistakes with peers.  Help turn our community into a safe environment for youth.”

Statistics show that if the consumption of substances begins after the age of 21 those people are four times less likely to become addicted later in life, due to the way the brain develops at different stages in life.