Local restaurants featured among “Best Restaurants in Washington”

Multiple local restaurants were named among the best in Washington State.

Seattle Met released their list of the Best Restaurants in Washington, and Grays Harbor and Pacific County were both included. 

The list is the cover story of the January edition of the magazine, and is the culmination of an idea that was spurred in spring 2022, according to the magazine, when deputy editor Allison Williams and executive editor Allecia Vermillion posed the idea to “spend a year crisscrossing the state, seeking out the very best meals to be had”. 

The restaurants are not specifically ranked, but curated into lists for The Coast, Western Washington, and Eastern Washington.

The list is said to be the very top meals specifically outside of the Seattle metropolitan area.

Despite not being in Seattle currently, the local inclusions all feature Seattle transplants to the coast.

The first local restaurant included is Koko’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar in Seabrook. Koko’s Restaurant is described by the owners as “the best homemade, modern Latin cuisine”. 

Also in the Pacific Beach/Seabrook area is the Rising Tide Tavern, started by two people from the world famous Canlis in Seattle who moved to the coast to start the restaurant. Founded in 2021, the restaurant states that they are the “a family-friendly restaurant and adult’s only tavern” in Washington’s beach town.

Another Seattle transplant is The Wandering Goose in Tokeland, which was formerly located in the Capital Hill area and is now situated within the historic Tokeland Hotel.

Owners Heather Earnhardt and Zac Young state that they “believe the rich history of the Tokeland Hotel and Restaurant offers an intimate and cozy environment where guests feel connected to the magic of an earlier, gracious period and lifestyle. Southern hospitality, exceptional food and comfortable lodgings are just part of the late 19th century ambiance”.

The Tokeland Hotel was also featured as one of Washington’s Best Hotels in 2022 in a separate issue of Seattle Met.