All local levies currently passing

In numbers released Tuesday, all 4 local levies on the April Special Election are currently passing.

In the largest voter group of the 4 measures, the Hoquiam Fire Department is currently showing an 81.12% approval for their 6 year EMS levy. This number tops their 2010 election when 71% of voters approved the levy.

Fire District 7 is currently passing their EMS levy with a 75.88% majority for the excess levy for Emergency Medical Care and Ambulance Services.

In Taholah, 82.46% of voters are in support of bringing $300,000 to the tribal school. The 2 year excess levy does have the support of the voters who have been counted as of Tuesday night, although only 35 of the 431 voters who were sent ballots turned out as of Election Night. With an 8.1% turnout, the measure is currently passing, although when the measure was first introduced with similar turnout it risked failure by lack of participation.

Locally, the Oakville School District M&O levy is currently passing by a narrow margin of 56.46%, 188-145. Any results from the 31 Lewis County voters in that levy are not currently known, but even if they were all against the local levy, the measure would still be passing.

There was a 22% overall turnout by Election Night according to the Grays Harbor County Auditor’s Office, with the next ballots to be counted on Friday.

*KXRO had previously stated that the Taholah levy required a 10% voter turnout. After reviewing state municipal codes, that is not that case. There is a requirement for new levies, although there is no turnout requirement for school excess levies.



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