Local funding under proposed budget nears $100 million for Grays Harbor and Pacific counties

The proposed Biennial Capital Budget would include nearly $100 million in total appropriated funds split between Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

The Senate unveiled its capital budget proposal on Monday, indicating the possible investment of nearly $57 million in Grays Harbor and over $42 million for Pacific County projects if passed as presented, according to official state reports. 

The proposed funding would go towards the North Shore Levee, local schools, the Grays Harbor Courthouse, Grays Harbor College, natural resources, and more. 

Among the local projects with the largest allocations proposed are funding to continue the Quinault Indian Nation relocation, North Shore Levee, Naselle Hatchery Renovation, and a roof replacement for the Stafford Creek Correctional Center.

Some of proposed funding amounts include: 

  • North Shore Levee (18,500,000)
  • Quinault Relocation ($11,750,000)
  • Naselle Hatchery Renovation ($11,500,000)
  • Cape Disappointment ($7,890,000)
    • Welcome Center and Entrance Improvements ($4,782,000)
    • Campground Access Road Culverts ($3,108,000)
  • Grays Harbor College Repairs and Preservation ($5,359,000)
  • Grays Harbor Courthouse Rehabilitation ($225,000)
  • Small School District Funding ($10,109,000)
    • Cosmopolis School District ($30,000)
    • Lake Quinault School District ($40,000)
    • Satsop School District ($20,000)
    • Wishkah Valley School District ($35,000)
    • North River School District ($38,000)
    • Raymond School District ($28,000)
    • South Bend School District (35,000)
    • Naselle-Grays River School District ($4,883,000)
    • Raymond School District ($5,000,000)

In addition to the local funding, the budget would also appropriate nearly $300 million between the 19th and the 24th Legislative Districts.

The largest projects proposed to be funded in the district include $44 million for Duckabush Estuary Habitat Restoration, $39 million for the Center for Vocational and Transitional Studies at Lower Columbia College, and nearly $26 million for the Jamestown S’Klallam Behavior Health Center in Sequim.


To view the full list of proposed funding allocations, click here.