A number of local projects were awarded funding through the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) recently.

According to the TIB, more than $100 million is given to 138 grants. This includes 8 projects in Grays Harbor and Pacific County.

At their November 22nd meeting in Federal Way, the TIB awarded the 138 street and sidewalk improvement grants to local agencies, totaling $100.3 million.

Local projects include work in Aberdeen, Elma, Montesano, Long Beach, and South Bend.

Grants were awarded to agencies through six programs.

Program # of Projects Target Funding Level TIB Funds Total Project Cost
Urban Arterial Program 31 $70,000,000 $68,938,270 $247,584,297
Urban Sidewalk Program 16 $5,000,000 $5,181,698 $10,784,779
Arterial Preservation Program 18 $8,000,000 $7,555,273 $8,923,337
Small City Arterial Program 28 $12,000,000 $11,937,988 $21,644,971
Small City Sidewalk Program 11 $3,000,000 $2,626,109 $2,767,093
Small City Preservation Program 34 $4,000,000 $4,092,246 $4,275,756
TOTAL 138 $100,306,781 $292,606,638

In Aberdeen, over $1 million will come to projects. This includes $550,000 for improvements to the planned roundabout at Market and F Streets. 

Montesano has 4 projects on the list, with the town receiving over $845,000 for their streets.

Elma has one project on the list, totaling over $260,000.

In Pacific County, a project in Long Beach will bring $400,000 while South Bend will see nearly $763,000.

Local Projects

Program Project Name TIB Grant Project Cost
Aberdeen APP FY 2021 Overlay Project

(Multiple Locations)

$515,000 $607,530
Aberdeen UAP E Market Street F St and Fuller Way Roundabout $550,001 $2,396,330
Elma SCSP Young Street 1st St to 4th St $260,010 $288,900
Montesano SCSP E Pioneer Avenue

Academy St to Glenn St

$162,000 $174,200
Montesano SCAP 1st Street and Marcy Avenue W Pioneer Ave to Main St $524,700 $583,000
Montesano SCPP FY 2021 Overlay Project

(Multiple Locations )

$125,000 $140,000
Montesano SCPP FY 2021 Seal Coat Project

(Multiple Locations)

$34,100 $39,100
Long Beach SCAP Washington Avenue

19th St S to Sid Snyder Dr

$400,000 $1,347,489
South Bend SCAP Adams Street

1st St to US 101

$762,710 $762,710
Total $3,333,521 $6,339,259


In total, over $3.3 million will come to the region.

These grants are only a portion of the costs associated with the projects. 

This year, TIB received 296 applications from cities and counties, with requests for more than $261 million in funding.

Complete List of Funded Projects