Hoquiam, WA – Lincoln Elementary will be considered historic in Hoquiam.

At their Monday meeting, the Hoquiam City Council heard a report that recommended adding the 51-year-old Lincoln Elementary to the Hoquiam Register of Historic Places.

The Hoquiam Historic Preservation Commission recommended to the council that an application to place the school onto the register, listing it among other historic places within the town. 

City Administrator Brian Shay spoke at the Monday meeting, stating his thoughts on why the building was nominated.

In order to be considered for inclusion on the local list, the property must meet certain criteria.

  1. Property is at least 50 years old at the time of nomination;
  2. Property is significantly associated with the history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or cultural heritage of the community;
  3. Embodies the distinctive architectural characteristics of a type, period, style, or method of design or construction;
  4. Is the work of a designer, builder, or architect significant in national, state or local history;
  5. Exemplifies or reflects special elements of Hoquiam’s cultural, economic, political, aesthetic, engineering, or architectural history; and
  6. Is associated with the lives of persons significant in national, state, or local history.

According to the commission, the school at 700 Wood Avenue meets that criteria.

Matt Kemph, Facility Coordinator for the Hoquiam School District applied for the listing, saying that the property had Historical Importance.

Accompanying documents say that the school Construction began on the building in 19667 with the first classes beginning in 1968.

The recommendation was passed unanimously.