LeMay Grays Harbor has suspended service today for Garbage and Recycling Services

LeMay Grays Harbor tells KXRO that due to “the weather conditions and public safety” they will not be servicing Garbage and Recycling customers today.

They say that although their phones lines are open, their office is closed and operations have been suspended.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this disruption may cause.  We understand it can be frustrating however public and employee safety is our main concern.  While your street or neighborhood may be safe to drive
in the streets leading to your home or from our office may not be. ”

According to LeMay, the plan for next week is to pick up your garbage and refuse as soon as the road ways are safe to travel.

“Please keep your cans out for servicing and if you are not serviced due to the inclement weather or road conditions, you will be collected on the next scheduled pick up day at no additional charge.”

Residents may place out the equivalent of one week’s garbage service in a 32 gallon bag, next to your refuse container.

Extra recycling can be taken in a card board box so please place out next to the recycle container on your next recycle pick up day.

Credits will not be issued for missed services, we will service your extra garbage and recycling at no charge.

During inclement weather, LeMay says their phone volumes become very high; customers may find it easier to email at [email protected].

Check their website for service delays at http://www.graysharbor.lemayinc.com.

Thank you for your understanding.  Have a safe and warm winter!