Latest Seabrook Community Foundation over $165,000

Seabrook, WA – The Seabrook Community Foundation recently gave out their quarterly donations, the largest allocation for the group.

In a release, the Seabrook Community Foundation tells KXRO that at $166,600 it was the largest amount of donations to date.

These grants include $68,600.00 to Grays Harbor County non-profit organizations and $98,000.00 in scholarships to thirty-four Grays Harbor County students.

Board President, Helen Gilbert, said that there was an increase in the number of grant and scholarship applications for this quarter, and she was especially excited that six of the thirty-four scholarships went to students who were awarded scholarships the previous year.

“These students did very well their first year, and we want them to know that we think their education is a great investment.”

Gilbert also added that the Foundation was able to increase the amount of all the individual scholarships this year.

Grants were awarded to the following organizations:

7th Street Kids Children’s Theater: Since 1992, 7th St Kids has provided musical theater education and performance opportunities for children age 6 – 16, utilizing the 7th St Theater in Hoquiam to teach the kids behind the scenes aspects of theater and provide opportunities to participate in the performance of a major musical production. The grant will be used for equipment upgrades and scholarships.

Bishop Center for Performing Arts at GHCC: The Bishop Center for the Performing Arts is located on the Grays Harbor College campus and has provided high-quality programming that is culturally enriching, entertaining and diverse to the citizens of the Harbor for 45 years. The Center is operated by employees of the college as part of other jobs they hold on campus. All costs are funded by ticket sales, grants, endowments and private donations. The grant will be used to offset the cost of tickets.

Camp Victory: This is a free camp that offers residential healing camps, supportive activities and services for child and teen survivors of sexual abuse. The intent is to help kids stay connected, have access to counseling, support and mentorship. 2019 will be the 30 th annual camp for girls, and the 7th annual camp for boys. Camp includes regular camp type of activities like hiking, swimming, and crafts in an environment that supports affirming activities, development of life skills for confidence, ability to make safe, healthy choices. The grant will be used to fund healthy, communal meals.

Chehalis Valley Historical Society: Located in Montesano, the purpose of the CVHS is to maintain an association that preserves the local history of this valley. The grant will be used to help create a digital inventory.

Coastal Interpretative Center: Founded in 1984, CIC educates the public about natural and man-made environments on the coast of Washington through the presentation of the history and ecology of coastal life. CIC provides nature walks and tours, speakers, events, field trips for students. They maintain many exhibits pertaining to coastal wildlife, geology, oceanography and history. The grant will be used to help build a secure storage facility.

Grays Harbor Fire District #7: Established in 1958 to provide fire protection services to the citizens of the North Beach of Grays Harbor County, Fire District #7 provides emergency medical services, basic life support as well as fire protection to 950 citizens. They have mutual
aid agreements with other districts. Staffing includes paid employees and approximately 12 volunteers. The grant will be used to help purchase thermal imaging and gas detection equipment.

Grays Harbor YMCA Harbor After School Program: This non-profit community service organization that puts Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for any member of the community. The grant will be used to offset operating expenses.

Harbor Art Guild: The Harbor Art Guild host events and activities throughout the Grays Harbor County community. The grant will be used for stipends and event expenses.

Hoquiam Beautification Committee: The Hoquiam Beautification Committee was formed in 2018 in order to improve the appearance of Hoquiam, attract citizens and visitors to the business district, and instill a sense of pride in the community. The grant will be used to purchase planters, hanging baskets, plants, soil, fertilizer, and watering systems.

Non-Profit Leadership Conference at GHCC: First held in 2009, this conference provides multi-discipline training opportunity for nonprofit organizations: fund raising, grant writing, other nonprofit disciplines. The grant will be used for operating expenses.

North Beach Artists Guild: A main goal for the NBAG is to facilitate art through classes made available to the community. In addition to the studio where they have over 20 artists work on display, they operate Studio 6, a pottery classroom for artists and classes. The grant will be
used for scholarships and art supplies.

North Beach Senior Center: The center was founded in 1989 to provide seniors a place to go for fellowship, feel safe, receive hot nutritious meals and other services. The grant will be used for purchasing food and a variety of improvements to the center.

Revival of Grays Harbor Homeless Outreach: A grassroots organization started in 2016 to feed the homeless in Aberdeen in the river camp area, this all-volunteer program also provides mentoring and a safe, warm space. The grant will be used to offset operational expenses.

Salvation Army Pop-Top Program: This is an emergency service program that provides food for those on need. Because approximately 20% of those served are either homeless or do not have adequate cooking facilities, “pop-top” items (food items that are easy to open and ready to eat) are in high demand but in short supply. The grant will be used to purchase pop-top food items.

Tugboat Granny Childcare: As the only day care provider in Ocean Shores, Tugboat Granny provides a critical service for families with working parents. The grant will be used to secure an appropriate and safe space for children.

Scholarships totaling $86,000.00 were provided to the following students:

Brooke Bogdanovich,Savanna Churlin, Traci Collechi, Adelina Desamours, Reylynn Dunn, Megan Folkers, Elyse Goulet, Kendal Harner, Korrey Housal, Athena Hughes, Mercy Johnson, Molly Johnston, Maya Jump, Paige Kuhn, Kaylee Leslie, Tegan Meador, Teal Mitby, Natalie Peterson, Colleen Purefoy, Danika Petersen, Amanda Pontius, Alexis Potter, Kathryn Ransom, Dakota Roos, Jade Sandstrom, Maggie Sorenson, Rebecca Tiemeyer, and Tyler Warren.

Another $12,000.00 dollars in scholarships were renewed for:

Eli Abbott, Liz Allton, Zach Allton, Walker Dunn, Josie Emery, and Taylor Nichols.

The Seabrook Community Foundation accepts grant applications throughout the year and processes applications at quarterly meetings. You can download a grant application at:

The deadline for second quarter grants is Friday, August 9, 2019.

The next meeting for the foundation will be held on Sunday, August 18, 2019.