9 local food establishments were cited recently following health inspections.

Haley Furstenwerth, Environmental Health Specialist II with the Grays Harbor Environmental Health Division released the latest Grays Harbor County food safety inspection scores for January 2020 showing which local businesses were cited.

In Aberdeen, 5 businesses saw points against them.

La Salvadorena and Mr. Taco were both shown with 25 Red Points against them in January.

  • In a follow-up inspection, La Salvadorena was found to have some food items not being properly cooled. 
  • Mr. Taco corrected their issues with food temperatures during the inspection, bringing their grilled onions, jalapeños, and cooked rice to proper internal temperatures.
  • Thai Smiles in Aberdeen had three critical and 1 non-critical violation in January. In their report, the health division found that fresh noodles stored in single- door cooler were discolored and were growing visible black mold. Those noodles were discarded. Other violations included not making upgrades to screen doors to prevent insects and rodents from entering, as outlined in a letter from October. Other citations include improper thawing of shrimp and non-conformance with par-cooking raw meats.
  • Jack in the Box was inspected following a complaint, with citations issued for not addressing issues moving a handwashing sink following their remodel, repeat offenses for not sweeping in the facility, and “grime and debris” building up near the fryer.
  • The Aberdeen Arby’s saw 10 Red Points placed against them employees with expired food worker cards and a repeat offense of temperature levels of food. 
  • In Hoquiam, Speed Bowls saw a routine inspection that saw a citation for chicken holding a temperature above requirements and issues with lids on the food in storage.
  • The Hoquiam Swanson’s Deli was cited 18 Blue Points for labeling issues, preparation issues, and violations regarding grease and debris buildup on pans and in certain areas.
  • The Woodlawn Grocery saw three non-critical violations, although one violation regarded severe rodent infestation affecting the establishment including “heavy activity of rodents/mice in the storage room, affecting food, equipment and single-use articles. Rodent activity also noted underneath the sinks used for food service.” Other violations include cats on the premises and excessive recyclable items causing pest issues.
  • Monte Community Center was able to correct an issue with temperatures of their salad bar during the recent inspection, although the interior of the ice machine had visible mold growth including on the doors and the condenser.

The department notes;

“Red critical violations” are those food handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to foodborne illnesses. These food handling practices include:

    • controlling temperature, such as cooking meats to the right temperature to kill foodborne disease germs, keeping food hot enough until it is served, and keeping food cold enough
    • cooling food properly, washing hands, and using utensils instead of bare hands on “ready to eat” food
    • storing food
    • serving practices

“Blue violations” are primarily maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to be the cause of a foodborne illness.

Each violation has a numerical value based on its risk of foodborne illness. Therefore, there are more points given for red critical violations than for blue violations.

Whenever possible, violations found during the inspection are corrected immediately.

Red critical items found during the inspection must be corrected immediately. Examples would be re-heating a food to 165° F, putting it into the refrigerator or discarding the food.

Please find the latest Grays Harbor County food safety inspection scores for January 2020 on our website HERE.

Additional inspection details may be viewed for each food service establishment by visiting https://healthspace.com/Clients/Washington/GraysHarbor/Web.nsf.


Business Area Inspection Reason Red Points Blue Points
Arby’s Restaurant #8619 Aberdeen Routine 10 0
Game Day Sports Bar & Grill Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Graze-Harbor Food Truck Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Jack In The Box #8421 Aberdeen Complaint/Compliance 10 5
La Salvadorena LLC Aberdeen Compliance 25 0
Mazatlan Restaurant Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Mr. Taco Aberdeen Routine 25 0
Parkway Tavern Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Pit Stop Deli Mart Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Rick’s Saloon Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Steam Donkey Brewing Company Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Subway – Aberdeen Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Thai Smiles Aberdeen Compliance 20 3
Town Mini Mart & Deli Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Iron Springs Resort Copalis Beach Routine 0 0
Wheelhouse Restaurant Grayland Pre-operational 0 0
Ace of Clubs Hoquiam Routine 0 0
Senior Center – Hoquiam Hoquiam Routine 0 0
Speed Bowls Hoquiam Routine 25 0
Swansons #2-Deli Hoquiam Routine 0 18
Woodlawn Grocery Hoquiam Complaint 0 8
Monte Community Center Montesano Routine 10 5
Thriftway-Pick Rite Deli Montesano Routine 0 0
Sunrise Market Ocean City Routine 0 0
Koko’s Pacific Beach Pre-operational 0 0