Krist Novoselić speaks out following AP article on Aberdeen

In response to an AP article on drug abuse, healthcare and the economy in Aberdeen following the Grays Harbor vote for President Donald Trump, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselić has spoken out about his experiences in Aberdeen.

The article, written by Claire Galofaro for The Associated Press, asks “Trump won places drowning in despair. Can he save them?“ and features interviews with homeless residents, the owner of a pawn shop, and others, including a man using heroin under the “Kurt Cobain Bridge”

In a Facebook post from Novoselić, he states that he read the article and it is not the Aberdeen he remembers, but he says that if the article is painting an accurate picture of the area, help is needed.

“I have a deep connection with Aberdeen. As a teenager and young adult, I lived there, mostly from 1979 to around 1988. During that time, I was of meager financial means—if not broke. I found that Aberdeen could still provide opportunities.”

He goes on to talk about the link to suicide in the article, from a story of a mother with an addiction who took her own life, and he reflects on the suicides of Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell.

“I could not help but think of people I knew that killed themselves who also were also fighting the demons of drug abuse.

Kurt Cobain lived in a mansion on Lake Washington Boulevard. Chris Cornell had a luxury condo in Miami beach, among other places. Like the suicide in the article, these people were parents too.”

The Facebook post goes on to talk about access to medical care and his thoughts on addiction.

“I think the souls fighting with drug addiction are spiritually empty. I told this to Kurt once and he did not have a response. Courtney was there at that moment, and she agreed with me!!!”

At the end of his post, Novaselic writes, “Aberdeen may be in an economic slump, however, there could be a boon to the medical providers who service drug addicts. As I mentioned above, drug addicts can be found anywhere, but this article offers that Aberdeen could host a convergence of this type of person. Is this true?”

In the post, along with his analysis of the article, the former Nirvana bassist writes;

“I look back on my time in Grays Harbor as mostly good. There were, and still are, a lot of great people there.”




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