K-3 Raymond students to return to 4-day in-person school week

Some students within the Raymond School District will be returning to school for the majority of the week, starting this month.

In a release from the district, they say that all students in grades K-3 will return to school Monday through Thursday, on 26 April. 

Seniors will be invited to come to school on Fridays to receive senior support, although details on the days will be released via a letter. 

The remainder of students (Grades 4-12) will remain on a hybrid schedule for the rest of the school year.

According to the district, the recent change from a 6-foot distance to a 3-foot distance has given them some flexibility that allows students to be brought back safely. 

The new rules do still require a 6-foot distance when eating, as well as when participating in music and PE. 

“After much consideration, there was no feasible way within our current limitations of staff and buildings, to bring back every student safely every day.”

The district adds that changes in staffing and buildings will be made over the summer to work towards bringing every students back from day 1 of the 2021/22 school year.