Food inspections for June were released, and a number of businesses were hit with violations.

The 101 Bar & Grill saw the highest number of violations with 60 Red Points and 28 Blue Points against them. According to the inspection report, the majority of these issues were corrected during the inspection, although one issue on the inspection was Conformance with Procedures regarding an ongoing rodent issue. The department states that rodent feces was present “throughout kitchen including significant feces under the stove and underneath the bar” with “Significant debris and garbage noted throughout kitchen”

The report also states that the bar will contract with a pest management company to address the issue and will be reinspected.

Mazatlan received 45 Red and 11 Blue Points during their inspection, although the majority of these issues were corrected during the inspection.

The Green Lantern Pub was inspected in June following a complaint and received 40 Red Points in the visit. This included issues such as hand washing, garbage blocking sink access and other issues. On a reinspection the restaurant received no citations.

In other citations. the Ocean Shores Quality Inn saw 50 Red Points, Swanson’s #2 in Hoquiam saw 40 Red and 29 Blue Points between their deli and grocery, and the Pick-Rite Thrifway Deli received 30 Red and 15 Blue Points against them.

On pre-opening inspections, Café la Esquinita, Westside Pizza, Pirate’s Cove Pub, Las Cabanas Mobile Food, and the Uptown Pop-up Event Center all saw no citations.

Environmental Health Division
End of Month Reports
For Inspections Conducted Between 6/1/2019 and 6/31/2019
Red Points Blue Points
Café la Esquinita Aberdeen Pre-Opening 0 0
Westside Pizza-Aberdeen Aberdeen Pre-Opening 0 0
Safeway #1546 Food Service Aberdeen Routine 0 0
La Salvadorena Grocery LLC Aberdeen Routine 0 10
Oh My Donuts! Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Mazatlan Restaurant Aberdeen Routine 45 11
Green Lantern Pub Inc Copalis Beach Complaint 40 0
Green Lantern Pub Inc Copalis Beach Reinspection 0 0
GHC Raceway Pit Elma Routine 0 0
GHC Raceway Taco Stand Elma Routine 15 0
GHC Raceway Food Elma Routine 0 0
Cascade Pizza Elma Routine 0 0
Bethel Mart Hoquiam Routine 0 0
101 Bar and Grill Hoquiam Routine 60 28
Swansons #2 Deli Hoquiam Routine 25 12
Swansons #2 Grocery Hoquiam Routine 15 17
Senior Center- Hoquiam Hoquiam Routine 0 0
Bear’s Den McCleary Routine 0 0
Beehive Restaurant Montesano Routine 0 0
Mosters Mocha Montesano Routine 20 0
Thriftway Pick Rite Deli Montesano Routine 30 15
Pirate’s Cove Pub Ocean Shores Pre-Opening 0 0
Thian’s Thai Fusion Ocean Shores Routine 0 0
K&R Koffee Ocean Shores Routine 0 0
Quality Inn Ocean Shores Routine 50 0
Morning Glory Hotel Ocean Shores Routine 0 8
Las Cabanas Mobile Food Pacific Beach Pre-Opening 0 0
The Uptown Pop-up Event Center Westport Pre-Opening 0 0
Merino’s Seafood Market Westport Routine 0 5



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