A number of local restaurants and businesses were cited in July during health inspections.

In the latest monthly report from the Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division, the majority of local businesses inspected during the month featured no citations, although 9 local businesses saw Red or Blue Points marked against them.

The department notes;

“Red critical violations” are those food handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to foodborne illnesses. These food handling practices include:

    • controlling temperature, such as cooking meats to the right temperature to kill foodborne disease germs, keeping food hot enough until it is served, and keeping food cold enough
    • cooling food properly, washing hands, and using utensils instead of bare hands on “ready to eat” food
    • storing food
    • serving practices

“Blue violations” are primarily maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to be the cause of a foodborne illness.

Each violation has a numerical value based on its risk of foodborne illness. Therefore, there are more points given for red critical violations than for blue violations. Whenever possible, violations found during the inspection are corrected immediately. Red critical items found during the inspection must be corrected immediately. Examples would be re-heating a food to 165° F, putting it into the refrigerator or discarding the food.

The 101 Bar & Grill saw a reinspection on July 10 that brought 50 Red and 25 Bue points against the location during a reinspection. 

In June, the 101 saw the highest number of local violations with 60 Red Points and 28 Blue Points against them, with a report stating that rodent feces was present “throughout kitchen including significant feces under the stove and underneath the bar” with “Significant debris and garbage noted throughout kitchen”

In the July reports, rodent activity remained present throughout the kitchen and bar, and the report states that pest control was not contacted following prior citations. They say that efforts had been made to remove droppings, but they were still evident in multiple areas.

On July 30, the 101 posted on their Facebook page that they are now “closed for business”.

Just down the road from the 101, the Hoquiam Shell station was also cited. They showed 30 Red and 5 Blue Points against them for a number of reasons, including one citation corrected during the inspection.

Dashmesh Petroleum, the Mobil Station on Wishkah in East Aberdeen, were given 30 Red and 5 Blue Points in a routine inspection. This included violations for expiired food worker cards as well as bottled beverages being stored on the ground and motor oil stored with bags of chips.

In Aberdeen, a complaint regarding the Simpson Avenue 7-Eleven brought an inspection that saw 10 Red and 3 Blue Points issued.

The Wal-Mart Deli/Bakery saw 25 Red Points given for a single infraction involving hot food in display cases at a temperature below the reccomended levels. This issue was noted as corrected during the inspection.

Following what was reported as illness complaint at the Ocean Shores IGA, an inspection of the business found no citations.

You can read the reasons behind all the violations for local businesses at  the Health Division website.



Environmental Health Division
End of Month Report
Inspections Conducted Between 7/1/2019 and 7/30/2019

Business Area Reason for Inspection Red Points Blue Points
Las Cabanas Aberdeen Routine 0 10
Lighthouse Drive-In Aberdeen Consultation 0 0
Parkway Tavern Aberdeen Routine 0 0
7-Eleven Simpson Aberdeen Complaint 10 3
Dutch Bros Coffee Aberdeen Routine 0 0
G.H. Country Club Aberdeen Routine 0 2
Nuestra Tienda Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Catholic Community Services Aberdeen Routine 0 0
J’s Farm Stand Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Dashmesh Petrolium 13 Inc Aberdeen Routine 30 5
Mazatlan Restaurant Aberdeen Reinspection 0 3
Westside Pizza Aberdeen Routine 0 0
7-Eleven Central Park Aberdeen Routine 0 0
Wal-Mart Deli/Bakery Aberdeen Routine 25 0
Shell-401 Hoquiam Routine 30 5
101 Bar & Grill Hoquiam Reinspection 50 25
Taqueria Franco Hoquiam Routine 0 0
Simpson Mart Hoquiam Routine 0 0
The Brunch 101 of Hoquiam Hoquiam Routine 0 0
Lincoln Street Grocery Hoquiam Routine 15 10
Brady Food Mart Montesano Routine 5 10
Ocean Shores IGA Ocean Shores Illness Complaint 0 0