Jobs for an Aberdeen Pizza Hut were listed; no plans for restart

Pizza Hut not returning to its former location, despite job postings suggesting otherwise. 

Six job postings were recently listed on hiring websites and for open positions at an Aberdeen Pizza Hut location.

This includes what appeared to be a full staff including General Manager, Assistant Manager, and other staff positions for a restaurant at the former address on Wishkah and Broadway.

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KXRO reached out to several local contacts, and nothing indicated that Pizza Hut was coming back to that space.

A representative from Yum Brands, the parent company of Pizza Hut, confirmed this week that the local restaurant remains closed and there is no new franchise currently slated for the location.

We also spoke to the manager at the closest Pizza Hut location to Grays Harbor in Shelton, who was also unaware of any new openings. Multiple manager positions are also listed on the company website for that location.

The Aberdeen Pizza Hut at the same address as the listings closed in February 2023.

At the start of 2023, Nancy Riemer, the owner of the local store as part of Pizza Hut of the Rockies, confirmed that the Aberdeen store was going to close, but did not share details about what led to the closure at that time.

Despite closures within the state, the job listings appear to have been posted by automation for open positions. 

When KXRO searched job postings at, over 600 jobs were listed as available in Washington, including 95 General Manager roles. The website also shows only 106 locations statewide.

The job listings remain on the corporate website as of January 31, 2024.

A request for official comment from Riemer has not been responded to.