Residents can find out how long they may have in case of an emergency to get to safety in new maps.

The Department of Natural Resources have published tsunami evacuation walk time maps for Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Cosmopoli, as well as maps for Port Angeles, Bellingham, Anacortes and they are available to the public.

The maps show the amount of time it would take for a person of their family to evacuate from within a modeled inundation zone of a Cascadia-sourced subduction zone earthquake.

The maps also show the extent of the tsunami inundation zone and the paths of tsunami evacuation routes.

Colors indicate how many minutes it would take to get to safety from any given location within the inundation zone.

For reference, it would take approximately 10 minutes to walk to safety from Aberdeen or Hoquiam High Schools, but 40-50 minutes from the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport.



The walk time maps for Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Cosmopolis can be found HERE

The maps are also available through an interactive map on the DNR website: