Originally Posted May 24, 2013

Grays Harbor Prosecutor Stew Menafee told KXRO that the investigation into the shooting of the man known as Rick Marlowe or Ray Mahailovich following a 20 hour standoff in Hoquiam was justified.

The standoff began when Marlowe shot Hoquiam Police Sergeant Jeff Salstrom as a warrant was being served for Felony Fraud and ended when the suspect came out of the home shooting at a tactical unit. Officers returned fire and the man died at the scene as the home burst into flames.

Throughout the standoff, attempts were made to negotiate with the suspect. Marlowe ignored repeated warnings to drop the weapon and that’s when the SWAT team shot him.

Hoquiam Sergeant Brian Dayton told KXRO following that the suspect came out of the home and gunshots were exchanged with police. The suspect went down at the scene, and no police were injured.


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