Homemade explosive devices brought to Raymond Police Station; investigation ongoing

An investigation into explosive devices brought to the Raymond Police Department is ongoing.

According to the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office, on September 14th, a resident arrived at the Raymond Police Department with what he believed to be three small homemade explosive devices in the bed of his truck. 

The man said that he found them in a detached garage of his home located in the Mill Creek road area of Pacific County, and that he believed that a relative had built them while staying at the home, leaving them behind when he moved.

A photo of the devices was sent to the Washington State Patrol Explosives Unit for review and members of that unit were sent to the scene. 

The safety perimeter was created around the police department in case the devices went off.

The explosives unit was able to safely remove the devices from the bed of the truck before disarming them.

Two of the homemade devices were found to be capable of detonation but hadn’t been charged with any explosive. 

The third device was deemed to be a homemade smoke bomb. 

Later that evening, deputies and officers served a search warrant in the 300 block of Mill Creek Road.  

No arrests have been made and the case investigation is ongoing.

Pacific County Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock said, “Agency and public cooperation during this incident were vital. The Sheriff’s Office, the Raymond Police Department, the South Bend Police Department, the Washington State Patrol, the Pacific County Communications Center, the Raymond Fire Department, and several citizens and city employees helped or assisted one way or another during this incident.”