Historical Seaport in search of board members

The Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority announced that they are looking for several new volunteer board members.

In the request from Board President Dave Douglass & Executive Director Brandi Bednarik, they say that they are looking for local residents to help guide its mission and development. 

They add that while they encourage all interested parties to apply, they are especially in need of individuals with experience in strategic planning, project management, fundraising, and community engagement. 

“If you bring a different skill set, we still want to hear from you. We believe a diverse board is a strong board.”

Seaport board members are responsible for ensuring that the Seaport fulfills its fiduciary responsibilities and are committed to advancing the Seaport’s mission. 

The Board meets on the last Thursday of each month (virtual option available). 

Appointed members serve on at least one committee (fundraising, finance, executive, facilities and vessel advisory, or board engagement), provide support through meaningful volunteer activities, invest in the Seaport’s future, and serve as ambassadors of the organization. 

The initial term of service is three years.

Interested individuals should request a Board application by emailing

[email protected] and return the completed paperwork by December 2023, to the same email.

The Board is responsible for:

  1. Determining how the organization will carry out its mission through long and short-range review and planning
  2. Adopting an annual budget, providing ongoing fiscal oversight, and ensuring the organization has the financial resources necessary to carry out its mission
  3. Recruiting, orienting, training and developing board leadership to maintain continuity and institutional knowledge
  4. Hiring, supervising, evaluating, and supporting the performance of the Executive Director
  5. Evaluating its performance and overall performance of the organization in achieving its mission
  6. Helping establish policies for the effective management of the organization
  7. Ensuring legal compliance

Time Demands: Attend and actively participate in:

  • At least 75% of board meetings annually
  • Committee meetings and related work
  • Fundraising and member events
  • Other organizational and community events (e.g., volunteer work parties, parades, open houses, staff and crew appreciation dinners, etc.)

Financial and Resource Development Expectations:

  • Participate in resource development and fundraising activities.
  • Assist staff in recruiting sponsors (as needed)
  • Identify and assist in cultivating potential donors (as needed)

The Seaport board is committed to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive space and welcomes applicants from underrepresented communities and groups.