Grays Harbor Unemployment rises from December to January

Grays Harbor, WA – Grays Harbor’s unemployment rate grew from December to January and moved to the eighth highest in the state, but improved from last January.

The unemployment rate went from 7% to 7.6% as both the labor force and total number of people employed declined from December to January and the number of people on unemployment grew.

The numbers were better from January of 2019 though, as the labor force and the total number of those employed both jumped by over 1,400.

There were also 85 more people on unemployment last January when the rate was 8.3%. 

Pacific County was tied for the 14th highest in the state with a rate of 6.7% in January.

Their labor force and number of people employed also declined from December but they also had less people on unemployment.

Pacific County’s numbers were also better than January of 2019 which had a rate of 8.3%.

Grays Harbor December 2019 January 2020* January 2019
Labor Force 30,191 29,732 28,329
Total Employment 28,063 27,476 25,988
Total Unemployment 2,128 2,256 2,341
Unemployment Rate 7.0% 7.6% 8.3%

*Latest month non-seasonally adjusted

Pacific County December 2019 January 2020* January 2019
Labor Force 8,669 8,597 8,474
Total Employment 8,081 8,017 7,770
Total Unemployment 588 580 704
Unemployment Rate 6.8% 6.7% 8.3%

*Latest month non-seasonally adjusted