Grays Harbor unemployment drops to 6.9% but tied at 2nd highest in state

Grays Harbor is tied for the second highest unemployment rate in the state with four other counties including Pacific County but the rate continues to drop to lows seen rarely in the last three decades.

The labor force grew by 39 from April to May; those employed grew by 177, those on unemployment dropped by 138, and the unemployment rate dropped from 7.5% to 6.9%.

According to the State Employment Security Department this is the lowest May unemployment rate and lowest number of those unemployed in Grays Harbor since before 1990.

Since 1990 the unemployment rate in Grays Harbor has only been lower in any month three times when it was 6.8% in July and September of 2007 as well as September of 2006.

Last May there were 2,302 people on unemployment and the unemployment rate was 8.5%.

In Pacific County the labor force grew from April to May by 44, those employed grew by 63, those unemployed dropped by 19, and the unemployment rate dropped from 7.2% to 6.9%.

It was the lowest May rate since 2006 when it was also 6.9% and the lowest number of those unemployed since 1990 when there were 501 people on unemployment.

Last May Pacific County had 664 people unemployed with a rate of 8.1%.

Grays Harbor May 2016 April 2017 May 2017
Labor Force 27,225 27,438 27,477
Total Employment 24,923 25,392 25,569
Total Unemployment 2,302 2,046 1,908
Unemployment Rate 8.5% 7.5% 6.9%
Pacific County May 2016 April 2017 May 2017
Labor Force 8,201 8,330 8,374
Total Employment 7,537 7,732 7,795
Total Unemployment 664 598 579
Unemployment Rate 8.1% 7.2% 6.9%



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