Grays Harbor Transit awarded funding through Federal Transit Administration programs

Funding is coming to Grays Harbor Transit to improve their fleet. 

U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer (WA-06) announced that the Washington State Department of Transportation will receive funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to purchase transit vehicles and a bus washing system for Grays Harbor Transit Authority to replace aging buses. 

 “Seeing the federal government support rural transit systems has long been a focus for me – and for folks across Grays Harbor County,” said Rep. Kilmer. “This announcement is fantastic news because it means the Grays Harbor Transit Authority can replace outdated buses, introduce a new bus washing system, and enhance overall service quality and reliability. It’s also about expanding access to tens of thousands of our neighbors, connecting them to jobs and critical services. And since these are federal funds, the costs of these improvements won’t be solely borne by local taxpayers. So, this is a great win!” 

The funding for Grays Harbor Transit Authority is part of a $3.3 million allocation to the Washington State Department of Transportation. 

That $3.3 million will be split between the Grays Harbor and Grant transit authorities.

Collectively, the projects are expected expand service and enhance the quality and reliability of transit for over 175,000 rural residents in Washington who rely on these services to access jobs and critical services. 

“Every day, over 60,000 buses in communities of all sizes take millions of Americans to work, school, and everywhere else they need to go,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “Today’s announcement means more clean buses, less pollution, more jobs in manufacturing and maintenance, and better commutes for families across the country.”  

“Today, we are creating new opportunities to dramatically improve the lives of millions of Americans who ride on buses every day,” said FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez. “Thanks to the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, these grants will help deliver a cleaner and more modern mode of transportation, designed to reach everyone, and to work for everyone, particularly in places that haven’t received enough resources in the past.”  

The project unveiled Tuesday is financed through the FTA ‘Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities’ and ‘Low- and No-Emission (Low-No) Vehicle’ programs.

The ‘Buses and Bus Facilities’ program is designed to provide federal funding to transit agencies for the acquisition and rehabilitation of buses and vans, as well as for the construction and modernization of bus facilities. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has allocated nearly $2 billion for this program through Fiscal Year (FY) 2026, with approximately $473 million available for grants in FY 2023.  

The FTA’s ‘Low-No’ program is designed to aid transit agencies in purchasing or leasing American-built low- or zero-emission vehicles, including buses and vans. This program also supports facility and station upgrades to accommodate these eco-friendly vehicles and the acquisition of necessary equipment such as chargers for battery electric vehicles. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has significantly bolstered this initiative, providing $5.5 billion through FY 2026 – more than six times the combined funding of the previous five years. For FY 2023, approximately $1.22 billion was available for grants under the ‘Low-No’ program.