Grays Harbor tops 2000 COVID cases; 1000 since Thanksgiving; over 800 at Stafford Creek

Grays Harbor has topped 2000 COVID-19 cases, with 1000 of those coming within the last 30 days.

In early December, Grays Harbor tipped the 1000 mark after numbers were released from tests over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Now, coming out of the Christmas holiday weekend, local numbers hit 2005.

As a note, any cases from social gatherings on either holiday would likely not be showing until approximately 10 days after.

As Grays Harbor added 1000 cases, it is notable that the Washington State Department of Corrections show 834 inmates at Stafford Creek Corrections Center have tested positive, with an additional 61 staff members who have shown positive tests.

Stafford Creek has a capacity fo 1,942 inmates, with the Average Daily Population from November being listed as 1,862. Using that number, it would be 46% of the population within the institution who have tested positive.

The local facility has established a designated living unit for incarcerated individuals who have recovered from COVID-19.

Grays Harbor County Health & Social Services notes on their daily case count that “The Stafford Creek Corrections Center continues to see increasing COVID positive numbers among its staff as well as among the incarcerated population.” and adds that while there have been a large number of positive cases at the facility, there are also numerous positive cases outside of that outbreak.

In transmissions over the last 14 days, they show data that indicates 74% of positive cases are through contacts, while 23% are through community transmission. In data that removes the SCCC cases, it takes the totals to 57% contact and 40% community transmission.

Local data shows 595 active cases of COVID-19 within the county.