Originally posted 8-29-19

The Grays Harbor American Pickers episode will air September 9th, at 9pm.

Terry Baltzell, who was with the show when they came to the area, tells KXRO that the network just announced the official date to them.

As of August 29, this episode is not listed on the official History Channel website.

In February of this year, the History Channel announced that they would be visiting Washington and were looking for possible locations to film,

In April the hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz visited a number of local and regional locations as they gathered items and footage for the tv show.

The show only “picks” from private collections and not stores, flea markets, auctions, or anything open to the public.

Notably, Baltzell met with the crew as well as Norm Callaghan of Gordon’s Service in Hoquiam.

It’s not known if all local filmed footage will be featured in the show on September 9,, or if some may be included into future episodes.