Grays Harbor Sheriff Rick Scott says he will not enforce I-1639

-Originally Posted February 1, 2019-

Grays Harbor Sheriff Rick Scott says he will not enforce Initiative-1639 at this time.

I-1639 adds storage requirements for gun owners, raises the minimum age to purchase semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21, and enhances background checks.

Sheriff Scott said that he felt it was his duty to address the concerns of citizens in Grays Harbor regarding the initiative.

He said in a release that he has sworn to uphold the United States Constitution and the Washington State Constitution.

Scott adds that “until the legality of I-1639 is resolved, I have instructed my deputies to take no enforcement action as it pertains to I-1639. Deputies will document such matters. However, they will take no enforcement action. Nor will we pro-actively initiate investigations relative to I-1639.”

Sheriff Scott told KXRO in December that he had no plans of issuing any proclamation against the initiative at that time, but felt that there were a number of issues with implementing the new laws.

In his letter, Scott says that he has discussed the concerns with his fellow law enforcement partners in Grays Harbor as well as with members of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs.

The full release can be found below.