Grays Harbor Primary Election results are in

17.7% of Grays Harbor voters turned out for the Primary Election, showing support for all local emergency resolutions and setting up the General Election in November.

In the Aberdeen Council Ward 6 race, Denny Lawrence will face Michelle Barclay for the seat on the City Council. Lawrence received 47.47% of the vote to Barclay’s 33.18%. Challenger Bruce Daniels received 19.35% of the vote to come in third and was eliminated from the ballot.

For the seat on the Hospital District Board, Drew Hooper held onto the lead as the incumbent for his seat with 43.59% and Karrie Fruen will challenge him in the Fall thanks to 38.44% of voters. Challenger Otis Leathers was eliminated with 17.96% of the vote.

All 4 local emergency, ambulance, and fire resolutions are passing with over 60% of the vote.

The Fire District 3 resolution for emergency medical care & fire suppression passed with over 84% approval.

In the only unopposed race, Sheriff Rick Scott will retain his seat, receiving 100% of the vote. 6,429 voters chose to vote for Scott, which accounts for 93% of all voters who submitted their ballots.

The next ballot count will be Friday at 3pm.

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